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A different way to look at life, and living.

Our being and becoming is a composition of 4 dimensions – soul, heart, mind and body, expressed as aspirations, emotions, thoughts and sensations.


This multi-dimensionality of our being, and becoming, makes each of us a reflection of the Society that we evolve in; with individuals who are part of communities that form countries and, together with Nature, Planet Earth and what’s beyond.

Everything is connected. Thus, Changing the World is no abstract utopia. It is a concrete adventure that begins right here, right now. With you and me – and many other thinkers and doers who believe that it is possible to create a Society where everyone feels at home.

Have we tickled your interest?


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To feel hands-on what POZE may mean for You, come play in the Mystery Galaxy and check out our current Planets (events):







Welcome to the Body Planet.

The Body is the physical interface between mind and matter, connecting our internal and external realm.

It is the channel through which individuals experience their environment and express themselves in it.

The body is at the same time conductor and communicator when it comes to the interaction with other people.

It is the (double) filter that influences how we perceive others, and how we are perceived by them.

To feel hands-on how we engage the body, come join us at one of our next virtual events (Planets):




Welcome to the Heart Planet.

The Heart keeps us alive, metaphorically and in real terms.


Every contraction/expansion of the heart valves is a minuscule part of this intrinsically complicated process that maintains our organism.


Similarly, our emotions are the human, warm, relatable part of our being that makes us social personas who love and loath.


Emotions are the current underneath our intellectual deliberations and decision-making processes.

If you're curious how to express your heart, join us at our next Planetary event to find out more:





Welcome to the Mind Planet .

The Mind filters, analyzes and judges the sensorial inputs that come in via the physical membrane.


Based on past experiences it draws conclusions and makes decisions that manifest in actions.


While emotions arise and pass beyond our control, thoughts are subject to conscious amendment.


The thoughts that we entertain result in emotions; thus, the former offer an entry-point to get a grip on the latter.


Gaining gradual control over the flow of thoughts requires awareness of its existence and direction.


The body is a tool to put an anchor in the present.


Awareness to physical sensations as experienced via our senses (i.e. see, hear, touch, taste, smell) is a step towards awareness of the present in which our thoughts and emotions take place.

To explore with your mind, join us at our following Planet (event):





Welcome to the Soul Planet.

The Soul is the core of our being. Identifying and fulfilling the purpose of our existence is the start and closing of life.


Because in that process we come closer to our highest self, which allows us to share it with others.


Once we have come into the proximity of that self the desire to share it arises naturally.


Opening your soul to others, and others will open to you. At our following event (Planet), you can test this theory by joining us:



The POZE paradigm is based on the understanding that everything is connected, from the inside out and conversely, from the outside in. We can influence these flows consciously, at the individual level, and in the collective sphere: Soul, Heart, Mind and Body are the four dimensions of our being. They are illustrated as Planets on Mystery Galaxy, and correspond to the four dimensions of human life in Society:

  • individuals

  • communities

  • countries

  • planet Earth

We are the Society that we experience, influencing it through expressions that derive from the 4 dimensions of our being, whilst being influenced by them in return. Everything is connected.

From these twice-four dimensions derive the 4 Macro-Questions that determine our life’s journey.



Relates to the quest for Purpose. It puts our journey into perspective.

It is the compass of our being and becoming; the place where we come from, which determines where we go.


Encompasses our Personality underneath the shield of appearance.

Reflecting our past experiences and expressions in this moment it echoes how we feel about ourselves right now and here.


Relates to the self-Perception that is harbored by the Mind.

It reflects the worldview that we have in our mind.


Connects the dots.

It is the red threat that links our aspirations, emotions and thoughts to the Power of action.

Each Mystery Planet (event) is an entry point to find answers. We invite you to join us on our next event to explore our galaxy. Like planets, they revolve and become anew so don't be afraid if you missed one, just hop on the next time it comes.



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